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Quality Standards

Grace Super Market Quality Policy

Quality is a word synonymous with Grace and we at Grace Super Market take pride in our stringent quality standards. We go to great lengths and take the utmost care and precaution to ensure that each day our customers get nothing but the very best across all our products, services & interactions. Here are a few quality standards that we practice at Grace Super Market.

Only A+ Quality Levels

When you walk into a Grace Super Market store you can be sure that you will get the best quality level of fresh produce and bakery products in the city. Our teams take great pains to locate and source only the finest available produce in every fruit and vegetable. Our bakery products too are developed especially as per our stringiest standards.

Everyday Freshness

All fresh produce and bakery products retailed at our stores are procured on a daily basis. These are delivered every morning to the stores. Stale and old produce of the previous days is discarded or sent back to be resold through other channels. This ensures that Grace Super Market consumers always get to choose from a wide variety of the freshest produce & bakery products.

Appropriate Care In Storage

We store our products as per recommended conditions and ideal temperatures. We do not switch off our Freezers, Chillers or other refrigeration equipment at night. This is to ensure that temperature sensitive products are stored at correct temperatures all through. We switch on exhaust fans at night to adequate ensure air circulation for ambient products. Even though our store running costs are higher, we believe that this is a small price to pay to ensure 100% fit for consumption products at all times.

Only High Quality Vendors

We only deal with suppliers and vendors who trade ethically. We do not deal with the grey market or with vendors who have a reputation to deal in products by abusing and altering sell by dates. In the unlikely event that any of our suppliers is caught tampering with sell by dates, we penalize them appropriately and their supply contracts to our stores are terminated.

Exhaustive Stock Checks

We thoroughly check all our branded products for expiry dates each month and segregate those products that are close to expiry. These products are either sent back to vendors or discarded completely. Products that are sent back to vendors are usually re-sold through other channels by independent retail stores.

Expert Care (Management)

All our store representatives compulsorily wear hand gloves and hairnet while handling food. The store and all fixtures are sanitized at regular intervals. Food storage and display areas are cleaned with food grade cleaners as per prefixed schedules.

Return Policy

In the unlikely event that the products purchased from us are expired or spoilt when purchased, we would be happy to replace or exchange the foods so purchased or refund the money to the customer.