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About Us

Our company carries forward its food business to deliver high quality products to consumers. All our food products are a tribute to the unique Indian home-cook tradition. The divergent range of it's products has always set out to empower home-makers and enable them to make wholesome delicious food options. It has a diversified presence in Udhaiyam brand food products includes Pulses such as Toor Dhall, Orid Dhall, Moong Dhall and Gram Dhall, Semi-cooked Food products such as Idly / Dosa Batter, Chapathi and Parotta, Instant Sambar, Instant Gulab Jamoon Mix, Atta, Chakki Fresh Atta, Maida Suji, Gram Flours, Chickpeas, Fried Gram, Basic Spices Such as Sounf, Pepper, Mastard, Fenugreek and Cumin, Ground Spices such as Turmeric Powder, Chilly Powder and Asafoetida Powder, Instant Speciality Paste / Powder Mixes, Ready- to-use Spicy Masala Mixes, Appalam, Sugar, Basmathi Rice, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Palmolein, Ghee, Iodised Free Flow Salt, Iodised Crystal Salt, etc.,

The Grace Super Market is one of the leading consumer food product companies in India. Under the most trustworthy brand name Grace, it is a manufacturer and marketer of exalted household food products. It's farm-fresh agro food business especially in pulses has rapidly grew up at impressive rate.