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Presenting Surf Excel Detergent Liquid 500 ml. Surf Excel Detergent Liquid is effective for bucket washing. Surf excel detergent liquid is safe on hands and gives you tough stain removal. Being liquid it gives a superior laundry experience as it penetrates deeper into layers of clothes and reaches stain faster for a superior cleaning and offers the following benefits:FASTER STAIN REMOVAL: Surf Excel Detergent liquid with a powerful cleaning technology penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains BETTER DISSOLUTION: Being liquid it dissolves quickly in bucket water reaches stains effortlessly SAFE ON HANDS: The Surf Excel Detergent Liquid is also safe on skin and thereby safe for washing with hands Tough Stain Removal Ritual: In order to erase tough stains from your clothes follow the below regime:Now tough stain removal in 3 steps:Step1: Dip Take a little liquid with your finger,Step2: Dab Apply directly on the stain,Step3:Drop Pour 1 cap for 1 load and wash as usual The above ritual should be followed for tough stain on your clothes as the liquid will penetrate deep into the layers of your clothes and give a superior cleaning Hurry up and buy Surf Excel Detergent Liquid for superior bucket washing experience.

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