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Did you know shaving and waxing can cause dark underarms? Rexona Fresh Rose whitening underarm roll on contains Vitamin B3 and Glycerine that help repair damaged underarm skin giving whiter underarms. Not only does Rexona whitening underarm roll on give you whiter underarms, but it also stops body odour at its source Sweat trapped in your underarms feeds bacteria to cause 90% of body odour. Rexona underarm roll on acts on underarm sweat where bacteria thrive, to keep you smelling clean and protected from odour all day Get 10x odour protection with the worlds no. 1 deodorant Rexona. Its as simple as applying 4 6 quick swipes after having a bath on your underarms every day and then go about your regular day smelling fresh and feeling confident You dont need to be worried about using Rexona roll ons because with 0% alcohol, it is safe on skin and is dermatologist tested. So, pick your favourite and apply Rexona whitening underarm roll on after your bath every morning, to step out with Rexona confidence Rexona it wont let you down Rexona whitening underarm roll ons, now available in a mild Fresh Lily and Fresh Rose fragrance Disclaimers: 90% illustrative proportion. Body odour referring to underarm odour, as popularly perceived.based on sweat wt. Reduction vs. Talc.

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