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Horlicks millet chocolate 600g



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Millet chocolate Horlicks is designed to address this very challenge of nutrition not being tasty and resolve the tension around nutrition between mother and the child. Millet chocolate Horlicks is made with the traditional wisdom of millets that each millet has its own importance e.g, finger millets are full of calcium, sorghum has Potassium and phosphorus, and foxtail is fibrous and thus you need a mix of millets and not just one. That is why millet chocolate Horlicks is made with the goodness of multi millets like Pearl millet,Finger millet,Foxtail millet, and Sorghum. This cocktail of multi millets is hidden in the yummy taste of chocolate. making the kids absolutely love the taste and finish their glass of millets without any fuss. Millet chocolate Horlicks is a health food drink that can be consumed either with milk or water, along with the regular diet. It doesnt need cooking; it is easy to prepare and ready to consume. It is ideal for either hot or cold consumption. When consumed with milk, it not only enhances the flavor of milk, but it also ensures that your child get additional nutrition of millets and have a great start to their day.

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