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Dove go fresh cucumber - green tea body wash

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Dove Go Fresh Body Wash is a nourishing body wash with a light refreshing cucumber and green tea scent to give you a body wash that leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.This mild body wash with Nutrium Moisture technology combines gentle cleansers with skin natural nutrients to give you softer and smoother skin. There are 631 million beautiful women in India. Women of all ages shapes sizes and skin tones. Yet as a society were often led to believe in a very limited idea of beauty. And while youthful looks fair skin long black flowing hair and a trim figure are some ways to express beauty they are not the only ways. With your help we can represent the true diversity of beauty in India and empower every woman to realise her personal beauty potential. Together we can break the rules and change the face of beauty.We donot believe that the 631 million women living in India can possibly be represented by just one beauty ideal. Ours is a country rich in diversity and thats something we can all be proud of especially when it comes to beauty. We received an incredible response when we asked you to help us showcase Real Beauty. We think that speaks volumes about how much we all want to see a more diverse range of beauty represented in India.

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