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Boost is one of Indias leading Maltbased foods fortified with a combination of micronutrients that are known to be essential for oxygen utilization of the body and energy metabolism. Boost is clinically proven to increase stamina by 3 times more. Enjoyed by some of your favourite cricket superstars all over India delicious chocolate Boost drink can be prepared with hot or cold milk and is fortified with 17 essential vitamins and minerals. Boost is proven to be a Nourishing beverage that helps build stamina Boost Has nutrients which help in maintenance of optimal bone And muscle strength. Boost is Enriched with Envita Nutrients Iron Vitamin A C Folic Acid B12 and B6 Envita nutrients help transport oxygen more effectively in the body. Nutrients present in boost nourish the body in multiple ways Iron and Vitamin C help in effective transportation of oxygen to muscle. Vitamin B12 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Folic Acid In the presence of oxygen muscles produce more energy. Boost has nutrients which help in optimal utilization of oxygen. Vitamin D Calcium and protein Nutrients which help in maintenance of optimal bone muscle strength for strength. Vitamin B1 Niacin Biotin Pantothenic Acid Iodine Magnesium Energy releasing nutrients which help release energy from food.

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Nov 14, 2022


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