Online grocery shopping business predicts rapid growth by 2021

  • Posted on: Jun 25, 2021
Online Grocery Shopping Business Predicts Rapid Growth By 2021

From where the growth is coming?

Statistics say there is massive growth in the online grocery delivery business by 2021. Just think, how ‘Online grocery shopping’ across the world will progress! The scopes are going to rise. Just look at the evolution of buying groceries online– For example, Amazon, Swiggy, Dunzo, etc. Although the pandemic has impacted the buying behavior of the customers– still not all customers prefer to from online stores and apps. However, experts assume online grocery delivery shopping to rise huge by 2021. Also, see the trends in 2020 – and imagine how it is going to accelerate the sale of groceries online in 2021.

Online Grocery Usage in India In 2021, By Level of Coronavirus Concern

This is just one factor i.e. COVID-19. Just consider other points, including the demands of the grocery stores, consumers shift from traditional shopping to online shopping, and much more. That’s going to impact the growth of online grocery shopping. Today the consumers enjoy good accessibility at their fingertips.

Wasting hours, wandering in the store for groceries, and then finding relevant products were some major issues.

Now, everything is accessible from home, office via a site or an app. Digital order requests have been raised– after all, it is just a few clicks that are going to get consumer’s selected products. Consumers are busy and they are appreciating such ‘online delivery sites.’ The online grocery delivery business offers convenience and comfort (which is appreciated by the consumers).

At the same time, they have an option. With so many online grocery delivery sites active today, it has become easier for consumers to select their favorite grocery store. However, it has become difficult for online grocery stores to sustain in the modern market.

There are many reasons behind the constant growth of buying groceries online:

1. Pandemic Impact 

The pandemic was so sudden that it didn’t give time for us to prepare. The same goes for the grocery business. The impact was so sudden that grocers had no idea what happened, and how they are going to adjust to the needs of their consumers

Grocery consumers had no time to address this issue, however, there was a quick rise in demand for groceries. There were times when consumers even faced the inadequacy of the groceries. That’s what accelerated the demand for groceries. And, that’s when the grocers were more aware and understood how big their market is.

Just after a few weeks, the impact of the pandemic was resolved. So, the first reason behind the constant growth of groceries recently is the ‘impact of a pandemic.’ Even if the pandemic has been so harsh on the world, it seems that this issue has been positively impacting online grocery shopping businesses.

2. Before Pandemic

The factor that is leading to grocer’s growth is the trust that has been built between them and the consumers. That’s for the grocery stores, which have been there for a while now. Or, those who were already in online grocery shopping businesses.

The customer’s demand for groceries was so high that it somehow blurred few challenges, which could have been much more adverse for the new online grocery delivery businesses. To newbies, it is the accelerated grocery demand that has helped them in building and sustaining an online grocery business.

3. The comfort game

Today’s consumers are about comfort, irrespective of the business that you are giving. The growth of the online grocery delivery business depends majorly on this. Consumers prefer comfort shopping. And, the pandemic has allowed them to shop online, precisely. ‘Amazon’ is huge in this market, and perhaps, the biggest dominator.

The range, the comfortable experience, the fast delivery, the quality of the product, or be it anything else that a customer asks for, everything is aptly delivered by Amazon online shopping. And, it is the ‘comfort’ that people are looking for. 


So, if the online grocery delivery business does provide ‘comfortable shopping’ to their consumers; sustaining would be pretty easy. Also, the impact of the pandemic wipes away all the credit for the online grocery delivery business’s success. That’s undeniable.

Mostly, it is the younger generation that is somewhat transformed by grocery sales online. Younger generations are highly reliable on such ‘home delivery’ apps, including the grocery.

Customers are busy, they can’t afford the time to go to the store, wait in lines for buying stuff, and then drive back home. For them, the deliveries have to be quick – be it gadgets, groceries or cosmetics, or anything else.

These consumers are the ones who are driving maximum digital grocery sales. Digital grocery sales offer rewards besides a gigantic delivery range.

4. ‘Safety’ is the New Concern

Safety is the prime concern for any consumer these days especially after Covid-19, The online grocery delivery business needs to ensure that all safety measures are followed while delivering the products.

Contactless Delivery is the new objective that is followed by every online grocery shopping site and apps now. And, consumers have a positive opinion about the same too. Hence, customers tend to stick to online grocery delivery shopping.

The brands are showing trust, and perhaps, that’s what is helping the grocery business grow rapidly. For any business, it is a must to develop trust, concern, safety, and offer a helping hand rather than just selling groceries. That’s the only need of the hour.

Customers are more concerned about their safety than ever before. They wish for online grocery shopping that is ready to ensure their ‘safety needs.’

Perhaps, those getting enough success in the grocery business are following the same. So, for the online grocery business, growth is coming from keeping up with all the safety measures.

If they feel, they are safe when using your services, they will completely trust you, without any hesitation.

Recent researches say grocery shoppers are not just looking for groceries; they are looking for care, concern, safety, and a helping hand. If you are delivering all of this, it is easy for you to attain success in the online grocery business.

Online grocery shopping is accelerating, and the positive growth of the grocery delivery business is also predicted by 2021. Understand what the consumers need, and your online grocery business will automatically grow.

Besides, focus on points that help in growing your online grocery business. Also, if you are thinking about stepping into the grocery business, it is perhaps the best time to do so. Hence, we can conclude that the online grocery business is certainly on the rise, and will continue to, even in 2021.

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