Buy fruits, vegetables, groceries and daily essentials online

  • Posted on: Jul 02, 2021
Buy Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries And Daily Essentials Online

Grace supermarket - One stop destination to buy fruits, vegetables, groceries and daily essentials online 

It would be oversimplifying to say that the pandemic changed our lives. And we are still learning to do things in a way and adapting to change. At Grace supermarket we make it easier for you to get basic staples and produce without hassle, at the same time being safe and hygienic. All you need to do is make up your mind to put together a grocery list and leave the rest to us. 


Fresh produce

At Grace Supermarket you can expect to get farm fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered to your home. We sell fresh produce from the market, including seasonal vegetables, fruits like manga, watermelon, pumpkin, also non- seasonal vegetables, not to leave out exotic produce. The fresh produce makes the food you cook extra tasty and is full of vitamins and minerals to keep your system strong.

And getting fresh produce also comes with some perks, you will have a window period to use the produce by storing it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days since they are fresh, they will still taste good.  


All under one roof

It would save you a ton of time to order groceries, daily essentials, and fresh produce all in one place. You just need to place an order in the time slot you are convenient with and your order will be delivered. You can add items to your wish list when you remember, so that you wouldn't forget at the time of shopping for monthly groceries. We offer fresh, high quality locally sourced groceries and staples to maintain its freshness and purity. Not only groceries you can also buy in your daily essentials, skin care and makeup along with the order.


Free Home delivery & take away 


When you place your order, you can expect delivery however you want and choose from standard delivery or express delivery. If you suddenly run out of groceries or have your guests arrive unannounced and you’ve run out of produce to cook, consider yourself saved with our express delivery option, and we also make sure your order is safe and hygienic. If you don’t want it to be delivered, and pick it up from the store we are all game, place your order from our website or through the mobile app and go for the take away option, so that you can pick it up from the nearest store of your convenience. 


So, if you are ever looking for an online grocery store in Chennai you are in the right place, Grace supermarket is the one stop solution for you to go. We seamlessly deliver fruits, vegetables, and your monthly groceries to your home. You can download the mobile app now to make order more conveniently or place your order from the website.