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Rexona men power fresh deodorant

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Rexona Men Power Fresh Anti Perspirant Deodorant is an ideal solution for the busy man in the hot outdoors Rexonas 10x Odour protection keeps you smelling fresh and clean, giving you the confidence to do more. This masculine fragrance will keep you smelling great and feeling fresh all day long Rexona is the Worlds No. 1 Deodorant Brand. It is backed by decades of research to bring you the best products that are suited for Indian climatic conditions. Rexonas 48h Sweatguard provides 48 hr protection from sweat and odour. The Rexona Mens range is designed for the active, sporty man whos on the go and it works harder no matter what the sport. The fresh, masculine fragrance coupled with 10x odour protection will give you to confidence to be out and active all day long without any fear of odour. The alcohol free formula creates a protective shield on your underarms that keeps your skin clean and dry during the day. The formulation is dermatologically tested and safe on skin. This pack is ideal to keep with you while on the move. Apply it daily on your underarm after a bath to ensure sweat and odour free underarms.Go ahead, try the Worlds No. 1 Deodorant Brand today

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