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Lux botanicals lotus & honey soap

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LUX Botanicals Collection, A Luxurious Everyday Experience for Your Senses Where Nature is Supreme, and Beauty is Celebrated. Sink into the secret world of Lotus od, aspiring towards the divine, ever blooming from within the water towards the light. Glowing honey from ancient Egyptians to todays beauty icons, everyone loves a twirl of this liquid gold. The secret to a natural glow from within. Precious Lotus The exquisite lotus flower reflects spiritual awakening, purity, rebirth, and eternity. The lotus heeds the call of the sun each morning, breaks the surface of the water and blooms untouched by the mud; Closing at night it sinks below the waters surface, only to resurface again in the morning. New Glycerin Soap Bar with 100% Organic Glycerin Gel, Ultra Hydrating and Good for Body and Face. A gentle Botanical Formulation. Indulge in natural skin treat that is free from nasty chemicals. Experience Luminously bright and supple skin that is perfumed with exquisite Natural Scent. Find yourself in a royal English garden immersed in fragrant wonders. Try Our LUX Botanicals.

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