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Kelloggs corn flakes mango

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Now, you can start your day with yummy and delicious kellogg's real mango puree corn flakes as it consists of real and delicious mango puree. It has golden corn flakes coated with real mango puree which will make your breakfast utterly delicious. You can enjoy the taste of irresistible and delicious sun kissed mangoes, which is mainly a seasonal fruit all through the year. Several important ingredients which guarantee to keep our health fit, are corn grits, sugar, mango puree, malt extract, iodized salt, vitamins, minerals, colours and antioxidant. There is no cholesterol in it as well as it is also low in fat. With high level f iron it promises to keep your health strong. Presence of eight essential vitamins is an added advantage. Want to have the the real taste of mangoes, start your day with of Kellogg's real mango puree corn flakes.

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