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Dove purely pampering almond cream soap 3x100g set pack

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Dove purely pampering almond cream beauty bar, an indulgent Dove almond bar that brings you our mildest cleansers and 1/4 moisturizing cream alongside the creamy and relaxing scent of hibiscus. The benefits of almond cream for skin have been well known for many years: its high concentration of vitamins means that it's prized for its moisturizing properties. A shower experience that nourishes and pampers. Dove almond soap doesn't dry your skin like other soap can, this purely pampering Dove almond cream beauty bar is infused with almond and nutriummoisture. The formula nourishes skin with deep moisture as you cleanse, leaving it feeling silky smooth and softened. And the warm scent of hibiscus surrounds you as you use this Dove beauty bar, making you feel soothed and pampered leaving you in a beautiful state of mind. The almond cream with hibiscus scent is luxurious. Caring for yourself never felt so good.

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