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Domex 3in1 power ocean toilet rim block

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Domex introduces the New Domex Toilet Rim Block a revolutionary product that delivers fresh fragrance and hygienic clean with every flushDomex Toilet Rim Block comes with an adjustable hook that makes it easy to attach and use. It is also enclosed in a cage that ensures it lasts longer than other normal rim blocks. PRODUCT DETAILS:1) With the power of microparticles Domex Rim Block kills all germs and ensures hygienic clean with every flush. 2) Unique cage minimizes wastage by preventing excess dissolution of the block. 3) Long lasting product that provides protection for up to 3 weeks.4)Adjustable hook allows it to be placed and fitted easily into position. BENEFITS: 1) Domex Rim Block leaves behind a fresh burst of refreshing Ocean fragrance every time you flush2)Ensures hygienic cleaning with every flush.3)Delivers limescale prevention with every flush.4)Foam cleansing that provides sufficient time for the product to deliver its cleaning action.HOW TO USEStep 1:Remove cage from the pack. Do not remove the protective film this will dissolve in water.Step2:Secure the cage over the rim of the toilet bowl adjusting the position and height ensuring the block is in the water flow.Step 3:To replace throw away any remaining undissolved material into a bin and replace with a new Domex Germ Blaster Rim Block. Available in lemon and ocean variants

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